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Capital Campaign For The Davis Sports Facility



Davis Sports Facility

Why build the Davis Sports Facility?

Our hope in building the Davis Sports Facility is to increase our impact on God’s people for His glory and their joy. The use of a year-round gym and sports facility will add to the overall enjoyment of all our guests. It will also make retreating with us in the winter months more accessible for groups. Our own programs and events will be greatly enhanced by this resource. The Davis Sports Facility will also help us create several new ministry opportunities such as after school clubs, homeschool outings, church gatherings, community sports leagues, and more. Each of these new ministry programs will use the facility to share the Gospel and disciple God’s people. We are excited to see how God will use this facility for the building up of His Kingdom.

The steps necessary to finish the Davis Sports Facility are outlined on the next page. We believe the building is as functional and economical as possible. The need for prayer and financial partners is great. We would ask you to consider being both (Psalm 90:16-17)

Our Progress


Step 1 $350,000


Step 2 $650,000


Step 3 $325,000


Step 4 $275,000

Steps For Establishing The Davis Sports Facility

Step One

  • LAY THE FOUNDATION: Site Engineer, Architect, County Approval, Water, Sewer, Electric, Gas

  • Goal: $350,000. Begin: In Progress

Step Two

  • RAISE THE ROOF: Site Work, Wood Framing, Roof, Siding, Concrete Floor, Rough Electric and Plumbing

  • Goal: $650,000. Begin: Spring 2025

Step Three

  • GET INSIDE: Interior Walls, Electric, Plumbing, Sprinkler System, HVAC

  • Goal: $325,000. Begin: Winter 2025

Step Four

  • HEAD TO THE FINISH: Paint, Furnish, Parking Lot, Landscaping, Pave Road

  •  Goal: $275,000. Begin: Spring 2026

Thank you for helping us reach the $100,000 matching gift challenge.




Current Percentage Matched

A Vision For The Future

LeTourneau Christian Center’s six ministries will be greatly enriched by the future vision which seeks to:

  • ENHANCE the property with transformative renovations and new facility additions
  • EMPOWER program and event development
  • EXPAND hospitality services

3 Phase Building Plan

Phase I: Major Renovations & Infrastructure

  • Renovate existing interiors and exteriors of facilities to enhance guest retreats
  • Upgrade recreational spaces and equipment to provide additional activities

Phase II: Davis Sports Facility

  • Enable numerous indoor group activities year-round for ministry events and programs, leagues, camps and homeschool and community groups
  • New guest amenities including a gym, kitchen, central showers, recreation room and meeting space.
  • Provide additional meeting spaces to host multiple groups
  • Give churches and Christian groups a facility to host larger meetings, gatherings and recreational activities

Phase III: New Guest Lodge

  • Provide guests with larger rooms which include private bathrooms
  • Increase ability to accommodate multiple or large groups
  • Better host marriage retreats and adult conferences
  • Update and include ADA facilities to support guests