Policies and Procedures

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All policies and procedures are subject to change without notice.

We exist to serve the church and to build up the Kingdom of God for His glory and the joy of His people! A truly successful retreat takes a lot of work. It is our desire as the staff of LeTourneau Christian Center that your upcoming event has every opportunity for success. The most important part you can play in this is by promptly turning in all paperwork with information and details about your event to us, and keeping your information updated. The more of your information you give to us at the correct times the more fully prepared our staff can be for your event.

This document gives insight to some of the standard operating procedures of LeTourneau Christian Center and explains the important policies, procedures, and expectations regarding your use of the facility. These policies and expectations will be binding once a contract has been signed. Please read the following information to ensure your understanding of and compliance to all of our policies. These policies and procedures are designed to ensure that LeTourneau is providing the best possible safety, comfort and convenience for all our guests. It is equally important for LeTourneau to exercise wise stewardship with what God has entrusted to us. Our goal is to provide clean, comfortable accommodations for our guests at a reasonable price while meeting the necessary budgetary requirements of this ministry. LeTourneau is a faith-based Christian ministry and caters to the exclusive needs of Christian churches, ministries and individual Christian families whenever space is available. LeTourneau is not open to the general public.


All LeTourneau bookings are granted on a first come, first serve basis. However, groups wishing to rebook for the following year have one month after the date of their retreat to rebook the same date and lodging for the following year. There are dates that are in higher demand than others (i.e. May-October), so it is best to contact our office as early as possible to attempt to reserve your desired dates. Once dates are verbally decided between you and our office, you will receive a contract. After the details of a contract have been established and confirmed, regular communication is kept open to ensure accuracy of intent by both parties as the retreat date approaches. Reservations are not complete until a signed contract and a deposit are received.

Signing and Returning a contract

 The contract for an event, filled out by the group contact, specifies important information regarding the event to readily prepare the staff for your number of attendees and your special requests. The contract establishes a price for an event based on minimums for lodging, requested meals, day only guests, numbers, and other requests. A 25% deposit of the estimated cost determined by the contract is due with the submitted contract and will reserve requested facilities and meals. Several activities at our facility require the staffs attention and assistance (such as swimming, hand boats, paintball or campfires), thus we require you to submit an agenda a minimum of 15 days prior to the event, in order to, secure staff, volunteers, and supplies are available at the correct time. The agenda also helps us to locate anyone from the group while you are here in case of an emergency. By providing LeTourneau with the contract and a 25% deposit, your reservation is confirmed. Other paperwork will be due 15 days prior to your scheduled event, such as rooming assignments, final numbers, food allergies for any guests, an agenda, and a certificate of insurance.

rooming assignments and agenda

Our office reserves the lodging facility (or facilities) for your group, but you are responsible to assign specific rooms to each of your guests. Once you have specified which building your group intends to stay in our office will send you a room chart and assignment sheet for you to return to the office filled out at the time you indicate your final count (no later than 15 days before your scheduled event). This will ensure our staff has sufficient time to prepare and have the correct rooms ready upon your arrival. All lodging minimums regardless of number of participants a group ends up bringing will be the minimum number a group is billed for. Keys to individual rooms are available upon request and each person will be asked to sign the key out and put down a $5.00 deposit (to be returned upon the returning of key).

Agendas are very important to assure there are no conflicts in scheduling and that LeTourneau has sufficient staff and volunteers on campus for all anticipated activities. Agenda’s should be sent to the office at least 15 days prior to a scheduled retreat.

Certificates of Insurance

Each group booking an event at LeTourneau needs to provide a Certificate of Insurance from their respective insurance company naming LeTourneau as an additional beneficiary over the duration of the booked event. Placing a call to your insurance company and making the request will obtain these certificates. These certificates need to be received by LeTourneau at least 15 days prior to the scheduled event.

Event Deposits and Minimums for Lodging/Meeting Spaces

To enable LeTourneau to make proper preparations as well as confirm your intentions for the upcoming function, a reservation deposit of at least 25% of the estimated bill based on the signed contract and minimums is required to secure the facilities, due along with a signed contract. The deposit is required to keep your current reservation; the dates will not definitively be reserved for you until we receive this deposit with the signed contract. Final payment will be due 10 days prior to the date of the event.

Each lodging facility and meeting space has a minimum number of persons required, in order to be reserved. These minimums must be seen as the minimum number of persons a group is committed to paying for on their final invoice. Such a policy is necessary to protect the resources of this ministry and those groups wishing to utilize the resources of LeTourneau. Thus, by way of example, if a group reserves the Lodge during the summer, they are agreeing to pay for no less than 30 individuals. This contracted amount guarantees LeTourneau is able to be good stewards of all its facilities and other groups are given the opportunity to book a facility they may fully utilize and enjoy. With the wide variety of lodging facilities LeTourneau has to offer, we are confident we can host groups of varying sizes with excellence.

Minimums for Lodging are as follows:

Season Minimums are from May through October

Lodge: 30 person minimum   /   Bethany House: 12   /    Bungalows & Cabins: 3   /   Cottages: 2

Off Season Minimums are from November through April

Lodge: 20 person minimum   /   Bethany House: 10   /   Bungalows & Cabins: 3   /   Cottages: 2

Minimums for an overnight group to use a meeting space must be 15 persons or more. Any less than that, we would ask that the group use the lodging common area for their meeting time to reduce the time it takes to turn over buildings after the group departs. In addition, when a contract and deposit are turned in to reserve an event on campus, LeTourneau Christian Center reserves the right to move groups to different meeting spaces should it be necessary (based on the size of the group) to host another group for the same dates.

Group Billing

Please understand that due to the greatly increasing number of people that are interested in using the LeTourneau facility and our desire to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with, we can reserve only for the quantity of people for whom you guarantee payment. All minimums must be met for lodging facilities. Therefore, if you reserve the Lodge, the summer minimum is 30 occupants. You must be committed to paying for 30 individuals regardless if your final number is less than 30. This ensures we are not under reserving facilities, which might be used by other groups. We have several housing options, which can accommodate a variety of groups from five to more than two hundred. Contracts should have a realistic number of guests listed. Groups must pay for the minimums required of each facility they wish to reserve. LeTourneau requires that a firm number of guests attending a function be established no later than 15 days prior to the function date. Once the final number of guests has been established for meal consumption and housing reservations, the agreed upon contract balance is expected to be honored in full at arrival. Reminder, should your group attendance fall below the guaranteed number you gave us on your contract you will be charged for the original number given as agreed on contract. Any additional costs incurred for unannounced guests, damages, or added activities will be billed to you at the end of your event, and are to be paid promptly within one week of the event.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

Once the contract has been signed and is returned to LeTourneau then the details worked out between your group and LeTourneau will act as a binding agreement. The facilities and meals reserved by your group will be kept and prepared as agreed, and any changes required will be discussed promptly. In the event that a scheduled function must be cancelled, we kindly request that it be notified to LeTourneau at least 90 days prior to the function date. Cancellations received 90 days or more prior to the function, for an event reserved during the months October-May, will be entitled to receive a full refund of the deposits held minus a $100 processing and administrative fee. All function cancellations received less than 90 days prior to the function date, or for an event scheduled in between June and September, shall forfeit any deposits held, no less than 25% of the final minimum agreed upon amount in the contract. LeTourneau requires at least 90 days notification to locate and properly reschedule a suitable replacement function to ensure that our operation expenses are being met. Groups canceling less than 60 days prior to the date scheduled must pay half of the agreed upon bill as per the contracts final numbers for lodging and meals (the largest number listed on a contract will be considered the final number). Groups canceling with less than a 30 day notice are responsible for and will be required to pay the full amount agreed upon as per the contracts final numbers for lodging, meeting spaces, and meals (the largest number listed on a contract will be considered the final number).

LeTourneau Christian Center operates in most weather conditions (i.e. rain, hail, sleet, snow). If weather becomes unsafe on campus, the Director will follow proper protocol to ensure all individuals on campus are safe. There are no discounts for groups present during such weather conditions. LeTourneau reserves the right to modify the itinerary of any group for their safety.

There are no monetary refunds for weather related cancellations by a group for all or part of their scheduled camp or retreat. Pease take this into account when booking. Balances due on arrival are still the responsibility of the group and will be expected to be paid in full. Likewise, there will be no refunds for the early departure of a group from LeTourneau for any reason.

Use of Facilities (Possible Facility Fees)

The various facilities and amenities of LeTourneau are reserved for the exclusive enjoyment of our paying guests only. In most cases the cost of using these facilities are included in the current prices of your stay. In situations where sufficient meals or overnight accommodations are not included in your daily pricing package or your group does not meet the minimum required number of guests, there could be an additional facility use surcharge required to cover operational expenses. All special arrangements should be cleared with the office prior to the finalization of your contract. Groups under 75 people may have the option to utilize one cottage for their leadership, whereas groups over 75 may utilize two depending on availability.

Exclusive Use of Facility

An exclusive is an ideal way to ensure your youth or family group has as many options as possible, which includes the use of all housing facilities, meeting spaces, lakefront, and standard recreation. In addition you will have the full attention of our staff, use of the water front recreation (hand boats, motor boats and swimming) and paintball (additional cost for paintball and motor boats). Whereas, without an exclusive LeTourneau may book other size appropriate groups on the same dates and designate/reserve certain areas of the property for them. As large groups will sometimes prevent LeTourneau from allowing other groups from coming, purchasing an exclusive package is required for groups of 125 or more, or if a request has been made to utilize the Lodge, Bethany House, and a majority of the Bungalows, as these facilities combined may house 125 plus guests. The cost is $8,500 for the 2 night and 3 days exclusive use of LeTourneau Christian Center (normal check-in and check-out times apply, unless otherwise authorized), plus an additional $56 meal plan (up to five meals), per guest, up to 200 guests. If a group with exclusive use goes over 200 guests there will be a separate charge of $85 for each guest over the initial 200 (this fee will include the meal plan). Note: Minimums for lodging facilities must be met.

Day-Only Guests

It is not the policy of LeTourneau to permit additional non-registered guests to be visiting our registered guests and be using the facilities of LeTourneau. This becomes a serious safety and liability issue. Should this be a special request it must be cleared in advance with the office. Otherwise no visiting non-registered guests will be permitted to use any of the facilities. If during your event, for portions of your services or activities, you have guests that are joining that are not residing on the premises that wish to partake in meals during their time at LeTCC, their meal costs will vary from the costs of those who are overnight guests. All visiting day-only visiting guests should be accounted for in the group contract and cleared with the office.

Check In and Check Out Times

Standard room check in time is at 3:00 pm and the standard check out time is 10:00 am. Early arrival into meeting spaces is only allowed if it has been cleared with the office prior to arrival; lodging spaces will not be available before 3pm unless otherwise indicated by the office. Being out on time is important to allow for the housekeeping staff to tend to necessary turn overs. Usually this will require packing up before a meal or proper planning to ensure you don’t run over your time. Requests for extended stay cannot be guaranteed due to the needs of the next incoming guests. Failure to keep these times may result in an extended stay fee if the time of the departure is deemed far beyond the expected time.

Having said that, extended use of the meeting space may be requested with the office when reserving your event. The decision to allow use of a meeting space will be based upon availability which may change throughout the year and may require an additional per hour cost for the extended time. LeTourneau will try to accommodate your needs as long as it does not interfere with other guests, but for any extended use of the grounds or meeting spaces you must still be out of all lodging areas at the designated checkout time of 10:00 am.  

Dining Hall Meal Times

All meals in the Dining Hall served exactly at the hour posted and held open for approx. 45 min-1 hour. Meals are prepared in quantities based on the number of people expected, and will run out if accurate final numbers aren’t communicated in time. We want to provide the best quality food we have to offer. Being on time allows you to enjoy the food at its finest. If you arrive late we cannot still provide the same time for food to remain out from when you got to the Dining Hall. Meals are routinely served at the following times:

Monday – Sunday Breakfast 8:00 am
Monday – Saturday Lunch 12:00 Noon
Monday – Saturday  Dinner 5:00 pm
(Weekend Retreats) Friday (arrival) Evenings Dinner 6:00 pm

To respect the opportunity for our staff to worship at their churches on Sundays, we typically do not allow groups to reserve a Sunday Lunch or Dinner. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the office.


Special Meal Requests

Specially prepared meals may be requested for special functions (i.e. banquets) at LeTourneau. However, they must be discussed and cleared with the LeTourneau chef and the office at least 30 days prior to the function date. Special pricing will be discussed at the time of the reservation. LeTourneau staff will cater to those with medically necessary diet restrictions (i.e. gluten free, celiac, nut-free etc.), although there may be an extra cost to cover expenses incurred by LeTCC to provide said meals. Conversely, diets of choice (i.e. low-fat, low-carb, vegetarian etc.) are the responsibility of the guest.

Banquets and Special Functions

Banquets and special functions may be booked at LeTourneau with the understanding that all operational expenses occurred must be covered by the banquet fees charged. The standard reservation of facilities for special function is four hours, not including set-up time. If more time is desired it should be discussed in advance of confirming the contract. Additional fees may be added contingent upon the particular facility being occupied and amount of overtime used.

Rights of Refusal or Dismissal

LeTourneau Christian Center reserves the right to decline from entering into a contract with any group or individual who at the sole discretion of LeTourneau is not sufficiently compatible with the beliefs, principles, or values of this ministry. Groups unable to sign the Statement of Faith of LeTourneau Christian Center are asked to respectfully withdraw their inquiry. LeTourneau also reserves the right to dismiss from the ministry property any groups or individuals who are found to be disobedient or uncooperative to the rules and regulations or misusing/abusing any of the LeTourneau facilities.


LeTourneau wishes to ensure a pleasurable, safe stay to all guests. This requires a strict set of prohibited items. It is the policy of LeTourneau Christian Center that no pets of any kind (with the exception for Seeing Eye Dogs or the equivalent that are ADA certified) are permitted to accompany any guests or visitors to the facility. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on LeTourneau property. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted to be present or consumed on LeTourneau property. No weapons allowed, no guest is permitted to bring any sort of weapon onto the property (including paintball or airsoft type guns). There is no need to bring any paintball guns, as LeTourneau will provide the necessary equipment for the activity if the group plans to participate (if there is a reason considered to bring personal paintball guns it must be worked out with office staff prior to arrival to property). Dye of any sort cannot be used in any LeTourneau Facility, clothing dye and hair coloring, and beverages with red or orange dye (Kool-Aid, punch, Gatorade) are prohibited. Glitter is not permitted. If doing crafts of any sort the surfaces must be properly covered to prevent damages. Only painter’s tape is allowed to be used on LeTCC walls or property for any reason.

Property and Equipment Damages

Any damages incurred anywhere on the property by any members of a visiting group while guests at LeTourneau will be the full responsibility of the group leadership and will be added to a bill to be given at the end of the groups stay. For damages which may be discovered after departure of a group, the leadership will be notified and are expected to cover the full cost of such damages.

Vehicles and Parking

We respectfully request that vehicle driving be limited while on sight. Please use extreme caution when driving on LeTourneau property by using low speeds and watching for children and others walking the grounds. The campus speed limit is 5 mph. Cars may be driven to the waterfront side of the property for the purpose of unloading/loading personal belongings or guests. Parking on the waterfront is limited to the parking spaces by the office, but these may only be used for office visits. Otherwise kindly park your car near the Dining Hall after unloading your vehicle. Please do not park on the grass anywhere on the LeTourneau Property. For the safety of the children we ask that there be no driving of vehicles during Children’s Camps. LeTCC has golf carts for exclusive use of their staff, guests are not permitted to use these vehicles. If a group desires or has a need to use such vehicle (i.e. for policing the campus or for handicap persons) they can make arrangements to rent one from local companies and have it delivered to the premises for the duration of their stay; insurance is required for such vehicles.

On-Site Photographs and Video Footage

LeTCC regularly takes photos and video on the campus as a way to obtain materials for promotional purposes. Thus, during the course of your stay, you and any of your guests may be photographed, filmed or videoed while engaging in any activities on campus. Therefore, every guest of LeTCC, by visiting the campus, acknowledges and agrees that these photos, films and videos may be taken and used in LeTCC products and promotional materials. Please notify your guests of this agreement.

Liability Waiver/Disclaimer

All guests and group leaders responsible for events are asked and expected to sign a waiver for usage of the facility and waterfront. No one may use the waterfront during an event until the appropriate waivers have been signed. This waiver is to ensure that LeTCC will not be held responsible for any damage to personal property or injury in any form that occurs during a guest’s engagement and voluntary participation in an activity hosted by LeTourneau.

Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Waterfront Activities

During times where no Lifeguard is on duty all requests for swimming, the use of hand-boats, or other waterfront activities must be cleared through the office prior to beginning activities to ensure safety of water conditions and weather. A group leader or guests signature on the LeTourneau contract operates as a signed waiver, unless an additional waiver is requested. For individual guests not associated with a group, a guest liability waiver must be signed prior to any waterfront activity and guests must abide by all NY State & LeTourneau regulations. Children under the age of 12 wishing to use a watercraft must be accompanied in the boat by a responsible adult. All other minors must be monitored. All groups and/or families must have adults with the office number (585-554-3400) on hand and a cell phone present at the waterfront. In case of an emergency, group leaders should dial 911 and the office number. While using the waterfront, please be aware when your group is swimming of our policy of modesty at the waterfront. One piece bathing suits for ladies and modest swim shorts are required for the gentleman. Anyone not abiding by this will be asked to change.

Motor boat rides and times must be worked out with the office ahead of time to acquire a captain for the boat; call the office for more detail on pricing. Fishing is permitted on the left side of the lakefront omitting the swimming area. Signs are clearly posted with rules, times, and alerts that you are to obey to ensure the safety of yourself and all other guests.  Use of camp buoys for personal crafts are only permitted after a waiver has been signed and the office has approved the request. Boats and other appropriate water craft must be launched at a local marina.


Adult groups and many winter retreats are given linens (sheets, bedding, and towels). Each person or room has the amount of linens calculated for the stay from the contract and rooming sheet; if more are needed please notify the staff. Children’s groups and family groups don’t customarily have linens provided unless otherwise specified. If your group is not receiving linens, we ask that you not enter storage closets and help yourself as it increases labor for our staff and you will then receive a bill for the amount of linens accessed by your group. If there is an member of your group who did not bring linens when expected to please notify the office and we will work to accommodate that person. An extra fee may be incurred to any guests that require LeTCC to provide linens that were not planned for given events.

Snacks and LeTourneau Products

Candy and LeTourneau products are available in the gift shop, which is open periodically near meal times. Other snacks for purchase from the snack shop can be available if times are arranged with office ahead of time (available during summer, often coordinates with free times). It may also be arranged to serve a snack to the whole group at a specific time. Please correspond with office for more details. Bringing snacks is permitted. However, we ask all snacks to be properly served and cleaned up. We also ask that you keep snacks out of bedrooms.

Lost and Found

It is a regular occurrence that personal items are left behind at LeTourneau after a group departs. Due to the large number of items left behind over the course of the year, LeTourneau can hold items no more than 30 days. Upon request items may be shipped at the guest’s expense; however, after 30 days items will be donated to a local charity. To claim or report a lost item please call LeTourneau and give identifying features and where it would have been left. We can arrange a pick up time. If you cannot pick up your item and it requires being mailed you will be charged the postage fee and a $10 gas and time reimbursement charge as the nearest post office is 15 minutes away from LeTourneau.


Although LeTourneau does have a small full time staff a lot of what we can accomplish is through the assistance of our volunteers. We love to have our guests return as volunteers during other groups’ events and to allow them an inside peak at the workings of our ministry. This is also a unique opportunity to get to know our staff and guests when they volunteer. If you wish to donate time and service at LeTCC as a volunteer please contact our office so we may coordinate times for you to join us.

Work Retreats

For youth and adults that are interested in giving up a day or two of their time to help get some projects done, we would love to create a retreat that works for your group. Youth can do many tasks around camp such as painting, weeding, cleaning, etc.; also with adult supervision there may be other projects. Work retreats are available to a group consisting of 5-8 adults and/or youth. This option allows a small group an opportunity to come to camp for a night at no cost and receive up to three meals; these type of retreats are limited. You provide the labor and we provide lodging, food, and some recreational options. We ask that each group’s leadership be able to lead the work projects and provide the rest of the planned events. Retreats for larger groups are also offered, but due LeTourneau’s financial restrictions, may incur a small charge to cover expenses.

Mission Camps

For groups of 10 or more people looking to help out at camp and/or within our community and who would like to come for more than one evening, we have created a LeTourneau Mission Camp. The Mission camp is for 10-50 youth and/or adult participants (this number may increase with ample planning). For this option the youth and their chaperones are assigned tasks around camp and/or within the local community. Our staff will plan all the events and assign leadership on the ministry site; youth chaperones are still required. This is an exciting option, which provides an amazing experience in Christian service, while also providing some awesome recreation time around camp, which may include the following: swimming, hand boats/kayaks, tubing, hiking, paintball, basketball, volleyball, and more. We also provide a morning devotional and worship time along with an evening worship service.